Tech Data Tools

Menu path: Tools.> Tech Data Tools.

The tech data tools available are:


This option collect and compacts system configuration, status, and log information for use by A3 support staff. Based on direction from the support staff, select Lite Mode or not at the top of the screen. Press the START button and wait for completion, then press the DOWNLOAD button. Send the results as directed by the support staff.

When Lite Mode is selected the tech data bundle will only include the configuration files and any current and previous day log files. It is intended to package only those files which are relevant for troubleshooting more recently observed issues.


A3 maintains a number of logs of internal activity. Under direction from Extreme Networks support staff, you can be asked to view or download any of a number of log files. Any logs downloaded to your computer will be placed in the downloads folder associated with your browser.

The Download All button will download all of the log files. The up-down icon can be used to change the sort order for the list. The columns in the table are:

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