The AP-8163 is designed for extending network coverage to outside areas with the latest 802.11n 3x3:3 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) tri-radio design together with rugged outdoor performance. True perimeter security is provided using either a dedicated dual band sensor or software mode for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to deliver 24x7 rogue detection and termination.

The AP-8163 is optimized with WiNG 5 intelligence, extending QoS, security, and mobility services to the Access Point to support better capacity and performance. Deployments can be managed using the WiNG 5 architecture. The WiNG 5 architecture leverages the best aspects of independent and dependent architectures to create a smart network that meets the connectivity, quality, and security needs of each user and their applications based on the availability of network resources, including wired networks. Once adopted by a WLAN controller or service platform running WiNG 5.6 or higher firmware, the AP-8163 is managed as an Adaptive AP, running the WiNG 5 network management protocol. WiNG 5 networks extend the current differentiation that Adaptive APs offered to the next level by now having the services and security available at every point in the network. The traffic flow is optimized to prevent wired congestion. Traffic flows dynamically, based on user and application, and finds alternate routes to work around any possible network choke points. Mixed-media application optimization is the hallmark of WiNG 5 networks.