Setting up the Switch

After removing the switch from the box, you would normally connect the switch using a console cable and log in directly to set it up for the first time. With Chalet, you can avoid doing this by plugging a cable into the MGMT port and letting the switch self-compute its IP address, which you will use to log into Chalet.

Zero Touch Provisioning (also known as Auto Provisioning) is enabled in ExtremeXOS 15.7 by default and directs this self-assigning behavior.

To get started:

  1. Follow unpacking and site location instructions in the hardware manual.
  2. Connect a cable to the management (MGMT) port.
  3. Find the switch's IP address. There are several ways you can get this information.
    • If you have a switch with a stack number indicator window, the self-assigned IP address will scroll one digit at a time in this window. Enter this address in a web browser to log in to Chalet.
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      Self-assigned addresses start with 169.254.x.x.
    • If your switch does not have a stack number indicator window, you can get the IP address by taking the last two number/letter groups from the MAC adddress (printed on the switch label) and appending them to 0xa9fe (these are the HEX characters for 169.254). For example, if the last four characters of the switch's MAC address are E9 and EE, the login URL will be http://0xa9fee9ee.
    • The last option option is to convert the last two number/letter groups from the MAC adddress into decimal using a hex-to-decimal converter (such as In our example, E9 and EE are converted to 233 and 238, respectively. Append these two numbers to the end of the base 169.254 IP address in order to log in to Chalet.