Topology Setup in Neutron

Use OpenStack CLI to manage the topology between compute nodes and SLX devices. The Physical Network Topology extension provides a Neutron CLI for the OpenStack administrator to manage links between SLX devices and Compute NICs. Neutron has an abstract for physical network called Provider Network.

The Extreme Topology plugin provides efa-link-mapping command to configure and set up the topology. Use the efa-link-mapping feature to scale in to and scale out of compute nodes. For more information about scaling in and scaling out of compute nodes, see Scale-in and Scale-out of Compute Nodes.


All network and server connection settings and mappings can be saved to .csv files for configuring them simultaneously using the startup file option in the ml2_conf_extreme.ini.

Network provisioning and de-provisioning on EFA depends on physnet mapping for non-default physnets. When a node is added or deleted from the mapping file, the EFA operations are updated accordingly.

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Topology setup in Neutron

Use the settings in the follow table to set up the physical topology.

Node IP Address or Description
C1 (OpenStack115)
C2 (OpenStack116)
C3 (OpenStack117)