VLAN Provisioning Based on Provider Networks

There are several scenarios in which Virtual Machine can be created on provider networks.

Table 1. VLAN provisioning based on provider networks (physnet)
Provider Network (Physnet) VLAN Provisioning by ML2
default VLAN provisioning of endpoints is done when Neutron ports are bound to a host or compute node.


  • The Neutron port is bound to a host when VM is launched.
  • The Neutron port is bound to a host (Neutron controller) when DHCP starts.
default (device-owner=dc-edge –host=<DCGW>) VLAN provisioning for default physnet is done during port creation based on additional parameters passed during port create call.
non-default (PFPT_L, EXT1) VLAN provisioning is done during network creation or segment creation of single segment or multiple segment.

The endpoints are deprovisioned during the following negation operations:



The ML2 driver supports overlapping VLAN across provider physical networks.


openstack network create --provider-network-type vlan --provider-physical-network physnet1 
--provider-segment 3530 phynetwork1 
openstack network create --provider-network-type vlan --provider-physical-network default 
--provider-segment 530 defNetwork