Configure Neutron to Connect to EFA

The entities in the following script need to be configured for the OpenStack instance to connect to EFA.


Edit /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf_extreme.ini on VIM-1:
efa_rest_token = <efa_api_token for VIM_1> 
efa_cert_file = /root/gcla/extreme-ca-chain.crt 
efa_secure_mode = True 
efa_port = 443 
efa_host = 
use_fqdn = false 
region_name = VIM_1 
region_shared = SHARED_TENANT 
#SHARED_TENANT is the name of the shared tenant created on EFA    
fabric_name = CNCF 
efa_link_mapping_file = /home/ubuntu/link.csv 

The EFA tenant name and the region_name in OpenStack should be the same.