Syslog Integration

Syslog configuration enables you to consolidate multiple controller logs in the same place.

OpenStack generates the following log files:
  • neutron-server.log
  • efa-blpair-mapping.log
  • efa-health.log
  • efa-journal.log
  • efa-link-mapping.log
  • efa-sync.log

Logs in OpenStack are output to the /var/log/neutron directory within the controller, outside the docker shell.

In case of multiple controllers, these files are separately available in each controller. Syslog integration is possible by setting the appropriate rules and syslog server settings. See syslog documentation for more information.



The configuration files for rsyslog must be updated with the appropriate logging rules for the logs to be available at /var/log/neutron. By default, the application log files are available in the /var/log/catch-all/ directory.