Enable the Mechanism Driver and Plugins

Make configurations on the Neutron controller for starting the Extreme EFA Mechanism Driver and L3 Service plugin, a journal-based plugin.

About this task

The extreme_efa_v2 and extreme_l3_efa_v2 plugins use a journaling mechanism,


  1. ML2 Configuration: Set the mechanism driver to extreme_efa_v2, along with openvswitch. In the /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini file, add the following lines:
    mechanism_drivers = openvswitch,extreme_efa_v2,sriovnicswitch

    The configurations in the following table also affect the working of the journaling mechanism, which is configured in /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini.

    Parameter Description Default
    sync_timeout Sync thread timeout in seconds or fraction. 10
    retry_count Number of times to retry a row before failing. 5
    maintenance_interval Journal maintenance operations interval in seconds. 300
    completed_rows_retention Time to keep completed rows (in seconds).

    For performance reasons, do not change this from the default value (0) which indicates completed rows are not kept.

    This value is checked every maintenance_interval by the cleanup thread. To keep completed rows indefinitely, set the value to -1.

    journal_rows_threshold Maximum number of journal rows allowed. If the number of rows exceeds this threshold, then the efa_health tool shows the status as down. 1000
    efa_status_interval Journal EFA reachability check interval in seconds 150
  2. Topology Plugin Configuration: Activate the topology plugin by adding the following lines in the /etc/neutron/neutron.conf file:
    service_plugins = efa_topology_plugin,trunk,segments
  3. L3 Service Plugin Configuration: Activate the L3 Service plugin by adding the following lines in the /etc/neutron/neutron.conf file:
    service_plugins = extreme_l3_efa_v2,efa_topology_plugin,trunk,segments


    extreme_l3_efa_v2 is an L3 Service plugin and is a replacement for the default L3 Service plugin (called router). Only one of them should be used.
  4. L3 Flavor Configuration: Enable L3 flavors with Extreme by adding the relevant service providers to neutron.conf:
    service_provider = L3_ROUTER_NAT:extremev2:networking_extreme.l3.l3_flavor_v2

    Flavors require the default L3 Service plugin (called router). In other words, flavors can be used only when the service plugin is router.

    service_plugins = router,efa_topology_plugin,trunk,segments

    For more information, see L3 Flavors.