Create a Single Segment VFPT VM Network

You can create a single segment VFPT VM network on a non-default physnet and extend the network to DC Edge.


VLAN provisioning depends on the following:
  • VFPT ports are bound to a host when the VFPT subport is attached to the trunk port.
  • DC Edge extension is achieved using explicit port-create.

The following figure shows an overview of a single segment VFPT VM network with DC Edge. The non-default physnet in this scenario is VFPT_L.

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Overview of single segment VFPT VM network with DC Edge
Table 1. Commands and impacts
Command Impact on EFA

openstack network create --provider-physical-network VFPT_L --provider-network-type flat ss9_vfpt_flat_left

No impact, as operations are on a FLAT network type.

openstack network create --provider-physical-network VFPT_R --provider-network-type flat ss9_vfpt_flat_right

openstack subnet create ss8flatleftsubnet --network ss9_vfpt_flat_left --no-dhcp --subnet-range

openstack port create –-network ss9_vfpt_flat_left --vnic-type direct ss9_port_vfpt_left1

openstack network trunk create --parent-port ss9_port_vfpt_left1 ss9SriovTrunkLag1
openstack server create --flavor myhuge --image ubuntu --port $(neutron port-list | grep -w 'ss9_port_vfpt_left1' | awk '{print $2}') ss9SriovVM1 --availability-zone nova:compute-0-10.domain.tld --poll
openstack network create --provider-network-type vlan --provider-physical-network VFPT_L --provider-segment 3390ss9network

EPG Created for ss9network

Name = 74cbf489-f3d9-41c7-bbb2-6cb7df33da6d

CTAG = 3390

Note - 74cbf489-f3d9-41c7-bbb2-6cb7df33da6d

Is the neutron UUID allocated for the EPG

openstack subnet create ss9subnet1 --network ss9network1 --no-dhcp --subnet-range

openstack subnet create ss9subnet1ipv6 --network ss8network1 --ip-version 6 --no-dhcp --subnet-range fd00:90:0:57::1000/64
No impact, as the –no-dhcp option is used.
openstack port create ss9SriovSubPort1 --network ss9network1 --mac-address <same-mac-as-ss9_port_vfpt_left1> --vnic-type direct --fixed-ip subnet=ss9subnet1,ip-address= --fixed-ip subnet=ss9subnet1ipv6,ip-address=fd00:90:0:57::10
openstack network trunk set --subport port=ss9SriovSubPort1,segmentation-type=vlan,segmentation-id=3390 ss9SriovTrunkLagopenstack port set ss9SriovSubPort1 --device-owner compute:nova --host compute-0-10.domain.tld --device <same-deviceid-as-ss9_port_vfpt_left1> --binding-profile pci_slot=<same-as-slot-of-ss9_port_vfpt_left1> --binding-profile pci_vendor_info=<same-as-vendor-of-ss9_port_vfpt_left1> --binding-profile physical_network=<same-as-physnet-of-ss9_port_vfpt_left1>

Endpoint corresponding to ss9SriovSubPort1 added to EPG(ss9network1) VLAN Provisioned

EPG Updated

Name = 74cbf489-f3d9-41c7-bbb2-6cb7df33da6d

Port = L4[0/2] (added)

openstack port create ss9DcGwPort --network ss9network1 --device-owner network:dc_edge --host DCGW-1

EndPoint corresponding to ‘host DCGW-1‘ added to EPG (ss9network1) VLAN Provisioned

EPG Updated

Name = 74cbf489-f3d9-41c7-bbb2-6cb7df33da6d

Port = L4[0/2]. lag_4 (added)