Enabling SSH2 for Inbound Switch Access

SSH2 functionality is not present in the base ExtremeXOS software image, but is available as an additional, installable module.

Before you can access any SSH2 commands, you must install this additional software module. Without the software module, the commands do not appear on the command line. To install the software module, see the instructions in Software Upgrade and Boot Options



Do not terminate the SSH process (exsshd) that was installed since the last reboot unless you have saved your configuration. If you have installed a software module and you terminate the newly installed process without saving your configuration, your module may not be loaded when you attempt to restart the process with the start process command.

You must enable SSH2 on the switch before you can connect to the switch using an external SSH2 client.

Enabling SSH2 involves two steps:
  1. Generating or specifying an authentication key for the SSH2 sessions.
  2. Enabling SSH2 access by specifying a TCP port to be used for communication and specifying on which virtual router SSH2 is enabled.

After SSH2 has enabled, it TCP port 22 and is available on all virtual routers by default.