The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

All tables and variables of this MIB are supported as read only. The comments here are abbreviated versions of the description in the RFC documentation.
Table/Group Supported Variables Comments



A unique index for the conceptual row identifying a PW within this table.


This object contains the value of the peer node address of the PW/PE maintenance protocol entity. This object should contain a value of all zeroes if not applicable (pwPeerAddrType is 'unknown').


Pseudowire identifier. If the pwOwner object is pwIdFecSignaling or l2tpControlProtocol, then this object is signaled in the outgoing PW ID field within the Virtual Circuit FEC Element. For other values of pwOwner, this object is not signaled and it can be set to zero.


If a maintenance protocol is used, it indicates the capabilities the local node will advertise to the peer.


This object is obtained from the Group ID field as received through the maintenance protocol used for PW setup. Value of zero is reported if not used. Value of 0xFFFFFFFF is used if the object is yet to be defined by the PW maintenance protocol.


The PW label used in the outbound direction (i.e., toward the PSN). It might be set manually if pwOwner is 'manual'; otherwise, it is set automatically.


The PW label used in the inbound direction (i.e., packets received from the PSN). It may be set manually if pwOwner is 'manual'; otherwise, it is set automatically.


The value of sysUpTime at the time this PW was created.


Specifies the time since last change of pwOperStatus to Up (1).


The value of sysUpTime at the time the PW entered its current operational state. If the current state was entered prior to the last re-initialization of the local network management subsystem, then this object contains a zero value.


The desired operational status of this PW. This object can be set at any time.


This object indicates the operational status of the PW; it does not reflect the status of the Customer Edge (CE) bound interface.


Indicates the status of the PW in the local node.


Indicates the status of the PW as was advertised by the remote.


For creating, modifying, and deleting this row. This object can be changed at any time.


This variable indicates if OAM is enabled for this PW. It can be changed at any time.


All objects

This table enables the reverse mapping of the unique PWid parameters [peer IP, PW type, and PW ID] and the pwIndex. The table is not applicable for PWs created manually or by using the generalized FEC.