ExtremeWare Compatibility

The ExtremeXOS software has two modes of ESRP operation: standard and extended.

Select standard ESRP if your network contains some switches running ExtremeWare, others running ExtremeXOS software, and a combination of those switches participating in ESRP. Standard ESRP is backward compatible with and supports the ESRP functionality of ExtremeWare.

Select extended ESRP if your network contains switches running only ExtremeXOS software. Extended mode ESRP supports and is compatible with switches running ExtremeXOS software. By default, the ExtremeXOS software operates in extended mode.

In addition to the modes of operation, ESRP has an auto-toggle feature. Depending on the mode of operation configured on the neighbor switch, the mode of operation at this end will toggle to the same mode of operation as the neighbor.

For more detailed information about the ESRP modes of operation, see Configuring Interoperability with ExtremeWare.