Configuring Interoperability with ExtremeWare

The ESRP feature in ExtremeXOS software supports interoperability with switches that are running ExtremeWare software. If you want the ESRP feature on an ExtremeXOS switch to interoperate with an ExtremeWare switch, you must configure ESRP in the ExtremeXOS software for ESRP standard mode using the following command:

configure esrp mode [extended | standard]



By default, the ESRP feature operates in extended mode. ESRP extended mode provides additional features that are not available in standard mode. Use ESRP extended mode only if all switches that participate in ESRP are running ExtremeXOS software. For more information on additional features supported in extended mode, see ESRP Extended Mode Features.

ExtremeWare switches forward only those ESRP hello messages that apply to the ESRP group to which the switch belongs. ExtremeWare switches do not forward ESRP hello messages for other ESRP groups in the same VLAN. This limitation does not apply to ExtremeXOS switches operating in standard mode.