enable slot

enable slot slot | FM-1 | FM-2 | FM-3 | FM-4>


Enables slots. These can be either regular slots or fabric slots (FM-1 through FM-4).

Syntax Description


Specifies the slot to be enabled.



Usage Guidelines

This command allows the user to enable a slot that has been previously disabled using the disable slot command.



On the BlackDiamond 8800 series switch, this command only applies to the data, or I/O, ports on slots holding an MSM (slot 5 and possibly 6 on the BlackDiamond 8810; slot 3 and possibly 4 on the BlackDiamond 8806 switch).

When the user enters the enable command, the disabled I/O card in the specified slot is brought up, and the slot is made operational, if possible, or goes to the appropriate state as determined by the card state machine. The LEDs on the card are brought ON as usual. When the slot is enabled, the software on the I/O module is updated to match the software on the primary MSM/MM.

After the user enables the slot, the show slot command shows the state as “Operational” or will display the appropriate state if the card could not be brought up successfully. Note that there is no card state named “Enable” and the card goes to the appropriate states as determined by the card state machine when the enable slot command is invoked.

Only slots that have their state as “disabled” can be enabled using this command. If this command is used on slots that are in states other than “disabled,” the card state machine takes no action on these slots.

To enable inline power to a slot, the slot must be enabled as well as inline power for that slot. Use the enable inline-power command to enable inline power.



If your chassis has an inline power module and there is not enough power to supply a slot, that slot will not be enabled; the slot will not function in data-only mode without enough power for inline power.


The following command enables slot 5 on the switch:

enable slot 5


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available only on modular switches.