Increasing the FDB Table Size

BlackDiamond 8900 xl-series and BlackDiamond X8 xl-series modules and Summit X480 switches provide an additional table that can be configured to support additional FDB table entries with the following command:

configure forwarding external-tables [l3-only {ipv4 | ipv4-and-ipv6 | ipv6} | l2-only | acl-only | l2-and-l3 | l2-and-l3-and-acl | l2-and-l3-and-ipmc | none]

Summit X670-G2, X460-G2, X770, 100G4X, and 100G4X-xl switches provides a Unified Forwarding Table that allows for flexible allocation of entries to L2 or L3. You can configure this table with the configure forwarding internal-tables [l2-and-l3 | more [l2 | l3-and-ipmc]] command.