Stacking Port Numerical Ranges

On a SummitStack, a stacking port number is a combination of the slot number and the stacking port number shown near the connector on the back of the Summit family switch.


These numbers are context-specific. For example, while the front-panel port 2:1 on a Summit X440 is a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, the stacking port 2:1 is a 10Gb port on the rear panel of the X440 that has been marked as “Stacking Port 1." When no context is given, port 2:1 refers to a front-panel port on the Summit family switch (the 10Gb ports on, for example, a XGM2-2xn option card are considered front-panel ports in this context).

The use of wildcards and ranges for stacking ports is the same as described in Modular Switch and SummitStack Numerical Ranges.