Using VLAN IDs or Lists Instead of Names

You can use VLAN IDs or vlan_lists in just about every case where you would use VLAN names. Referring to a VLAN by VID and specifying lists of VIDs is a useful shortcut that can greatly reduce the number of commands required to configure the switch.

For example, this shortcut allows you to create 100 VLANs with a single command. The following command creates VLANs named VLAN_0100 ... VLAN_0199.

create vlan 100-199
In another example, If you want to add two ports to four tagged VLANs, previously, this required four commands:
configure vlan red add ports 2, 10 tagged
configure vlan blue add ports 2, 10 tagged
configure vlan green add ports 2, 10 tagged
configure vlan orange add ports 2, 10 tagged
Assuming the tags for the VLANs are 100, 200, 300, 400 respectively this configuration can be accomplished with a single command:
configure vlan 100,200,300,400 add ports 2, 10 tagged


commands enhanced with VID list support operate in a “best effort” fashion. If one of the VIDs in a VID list do not exist the command is still executed for all of the VIDs in the list that do exist. No error or warning is displayed for the invalid VIDs unless all of the specified VIDs are in valid.