Product Overview

The following table lists the Extreme Networks products that run the ExtremeXOS software.

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ExtremeXOS Switches

Switch Series Switches
BlackDiamond X8 Series BlackDiamond X8, BlackDiamond X8-100G4X, BDXA-G48X, BDXA-G48T
BlackDiamond 8800 Series BlackDiamond 8810, BlackDiamond 8806
Cell Site Routers E4G-200


Summit X430 Series

Summit X430-24t

Summit X430-48t

Summit X430-8p

Summit X430-24p

Summit X440 Series

Summit X440-8t

Summit X440-8p

Summit X440-24t

Summit X440-24p

Summit X440-24tDC

Summit X440-48tDC

Summit X440-24t-10G

Summit X440-24p-10G

Summit X440-48t

Summit X440-48p

Summit X440-48t-10G

Summit X440-48p-10G

Summit X440-24x

Summit X440-24x-10G

Summit X450-G2 Series

Summit X450-G2-24t-10GE4

Summit X450-G2-24p-10GE4

Summit X450-G2-48t-10GE4

Summit X450-G2-48p-10GE4

Summit X450-G2-24t-GE4

Summit X450-G2-24p-GE4

Summit X450-G2-48t-GE4

Summit X450-G2-48p-GE4

Summit X460 Series

Summit X460-24x

Summit X460-24t

Summit X460-24p

Summit X460-48x

Summit X460-48t

Summit X460-48P

Summit X460-G2-24t-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-48t-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-24p-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-48p-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-24x-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-48x-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-24t-GE4

Summit X460-G2-48t-GE4

Summit X460-G2-24p-GE4

Summit X460-G2-48p-GE4

Summit X480 Series

Summit X480-24x

Summit X480-48x

Summit X480-48t

Summit X670

Summit X670-48x

Summit X670V-48x

Summit X670V-48t

Summit X670-G2-48x-4q

Summit X670-G2-72x

Summit X770

Summit X770-32q


All Summit family switches, except the Summit X430 series.