The following limitations apply to BFD in this release:

  • Direct connection (single hop) networks only are supported.

  • OSPF, MPLS and static routes act as BFD clients.

  • Hitless failover is supported.

  • The echo function is not supported.

  • BFD protocol has been implemented in software. The number of sessions handled by BFD at minimal timers (less than 100ms) varies depending on platform type and processing load (which is effected by other protocols being enabled, or other system conditions such as software forwarding).
  • Hardware assist BFD is supported on standalone X460-G2 platforms and homogeneous X460-G2 Summit Stacking only.
  • The following scaling limits apply to BFD hardware assist:
    • Maximum of 2047 BFD sessions.
    • Maximum of 256 sessins with 3.3 ms transmit interval.
    • Maximum if 800 sessions with 15 ms transmit interval.