VLAN to Policy Mapping

VLAN-to-Policy mapping provides for the manual configuration of a VLAN-to-Policy association that creates a policy maptable entry between the specified VLAN and the specified policy role. A policy maptable holds the VLAN-to-Policy mappings. When an incoming tagged VLAN packet is seen by the switch, a lookup of the policy maptable determines whether a VLAN-to-policy mapping exists. This feature can be used at the distribution layer in environments where non-policy capable edge switches are deployed and there is no possibility of applying Extreme policy at the edge. Tagged frames received at the distribution layer interface for a VLAN with an entry in the policy maptable will have the associated policy applied to the frame.

Use the configure policy maptable command specifying a single VLAN ID or range of IDs and the policy profile-index to create a policy maptable entry.