PoE Usage Threshold

The system generates an SNMP event when any slot or stand-alone switch has consumed a specified percentage of that slot‘s reserved power budget or of the entire power for the stand-alone switch.

The default value is 70%; you can configure this threshold to generate events from 1% to 99% consumption of the reserved power budget. You can also configure the system to log an Event Management System (EMS) message when the usage threshold is crossed (refer to Status Monitoring and Statistics for more information on EMS). On modular switches, this threshold percentage is set to be the same for each PoE slot; you cannot configure it differently for each PoE module.

On modular switches, although the threshold percentage of measured to budgeted power applies to all PoE modules, the threshold measurement applies only to the percentage per slot of measured power to budgeted power use; it does not apply to the amount of power used switchwide.