Reserving Power

Summit X430, X440-24p, X450-G2, X460-24p, X460-48p, X460-G2 Switches or a Slot on Modular PoE Switches only:

On modular PoE switches, you reserve power for a given slot. The power reserved for a given slot cannot be used by any other PoE slots, even if the assigned power is not entirely used. To reallocate power among the slots, you must reconfigure each slot for the power budget you want; the power is not dynamically reallocated among PoE modules.

The Summit X440-24p, X440-8p and X440-48p have one internal PSU capable of 380 W of PoE power.

For Summit X460-24p and X460-48p switches, each internal PSU is capable of 380 W of PoE power. (Refer to the ExtremeSwitching and Summit Switches: Hardware Installation Guide for Switches Using ExtremeXOS 16 or Earlier for complete information on power availability with this optional unit.)

You do not have to disable the PoE devices to reconfigure the power budgets.

On modular switches, the default power budget is 50 W per slot, and the maximum is 768 W. The minimum reserved power budget you can configure is 37 W for an enabled slot. If inline power on the slot is disabled, you can configure a power budget of 0.


We recommend that you fully populate a single PoE module with PDs until the power usage is just below the usage threshold, instead of spacing PDs evenly across PoE modules.

Configuring Budget for Summit X430-8p

Configure inline-power budget 
Warning: Only stand-alone x430-8p unit can be 
applied with more than 60 W POE power.          
If more than 60 W POE power is used for a 
rack-mounted x430-8p configuration, unit may get overheated.  
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