Selecting the QoS Scheduling Method

QoS scheduling determines the order of QoS profile service and varies between platforms. The BlackDiamond X8, BlackDiamond 8800 series switches, SummitStack, and Summit family switches support three scheduling methods: strict-priority, weighted-round-robin, and weighted-deficit-round-robin. These scheduling methods are described in Scheduling. Scheduling can be applied globally or on a per-port or per-PortGroup basis. If no port_list or port_group is specified in the command, the global scheduling algorithm is set and applied to ports that are not configured via a port_list or port_group. Specifying a port_list or port_group in the command configures the scheduling algorithm for specific ports.

QoS profiles can also be overriden on a global, per-port or per-port_group basis. If no port_list or port_group is specified, the global qosprofile configuration is changed and applied to all ports that are not configured on a per-port or per-port_group basis.

  1. Select the QoS scheduling method for a switch.
    configure qosscheduler [strict-priority | weighted-round-robin | weighted-deficit-round-robin ] {ports [port_list | port_group | all ]}


    In a SummitStack, the scheduling algorithm is automatically programmed by ExtremeXOS for the stacking links only, and will likely be different than the algorithm you select.
  2. Override the weighted-round-robin switch configuration on a specific QoS profile.
    configure qosprofile qosprofile use-strict-priority