Basic 802.1D Configuration Example

The following example:

  • Removes ports from the VLAN Default that will be added to VLAN Engineering.

  • Creates the VLAN Engineering.

  • Assigns a VLAN ID to the VLAN Engineering.


    If you do not explicitly configure the VLAN ID in your 802.1D deployment, use the show vlan command to see the internal VLAN ID automatically assigned by the switch.
  • Adds ports to the VLAN Engineering.

  • Creates an STPD named Backbone_st.

  • Configures the default encapsulation mode of dot1d for all ports added to STPD Backbone_st.

  • Enables autobind to automatically add or remove ports from the STPD.

  • Assigns the Engineering VLAN to the STPD.

  • Assigns the carrier VLAN.

  • Enables STP.



To assign the carrier VLAN, the StpdID must be identical to the VLAN ID of the carrier VLAN.
configure vlan default delete ports 2:5-2:10
create vlan engineering
configure vlan engineering tag 150
configure vlan engineering add ports 2:5-2:10 untagged
create stpd s1
configure stpd s1 default-encapsulation dot1d
enable stpd s1 auto-bind vlan engineering
configure stpd s1 tag 150
enable stpd s1

By default, the port encapsulation mode for user-defined STPDs is emistp. In this example, you set it to dot1d.