BlackDiamond 8800 Series Switches and Summit X480 Switches

This feature allows you to configure a dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) channel to a DWDM capable tunable XFP module on a port.

This provides the capability to multiplex 102x10G traffic over a single fiber. Below is a diagram of a DWDM network.

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Conceptual Diagram of a DWDM Network

The feature is supported on BlackDiamond 8800 switches with 10G8Xc, 10G4Xc, 10G4Xa or 8900-10G8X-xl modules and S-10G1Xc option cards and Summit X480 switches with VIM2-10G4X modules.

For DWDM, there is no standard channel numbering specified by MSA. Extreme Networks devices support ITU standard channel numbers that range from 11 to 6150. The software can map these appropriately to the vendor-specific channels internally. For more information about the channel number and wavelength mapping, see the Extreme Networks Pluggable Transceivers Installation Guide.