SyncE for E4G Stacking

The network timing clock can be distributed across different nodes in a stack using 10G alternate stacking links.

Clock distribution on a stack requires a specific configuration:
  • All nodes in a stack must be SyncE capable.

  • All nodes in a stack must support SyncE on stacking links.

Currently, only E4G-400 with an XGM3S card in slot A is capable of supporting SyncE for stacking.

The E4G-400 can use any stacking module used by the X460 series. However, the native stacking modules cannot carry network timing signals throughout the stack. Only the XGM3S plugin modules have that capability. If clock distribution is desired in an E4G-400 stack, alternate stacking must be used with an XGM3S module in slot A.

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E4G-400 Stack Clocking

SyncE for E4G Stacking Limitations

  • Currently SyncE is only supported on stacks with EG4-400 with XGM3S-2SF or XGM3-2XF cards in Slot A configured as alternate stacking.

  • SyncE CLI commands are only available if all nodes in the stack have stacking ports capable of SyncE distribution.

  • If SyncE is configured on stackng and a new node not capable of SyncE is added to the stack, an error message will be logged as not capable and the node will be allowed to join. This will break the SyncE, so the user must be careful when adding a new node into the SyncE stack.