Configuring Slots on Modular Switches

This section describes configuring slots on modular switches, which are the BlackDiamond X8 switches, BlackDiamond 8800 series switches, and SummitStack. In a SummitStack, a slot number is assigned to a node through configuration and stored in the node's NVRAM. It takes effect only when the node restarts. In the following descriptions, the phrase inserted into a slot in a SummitStack means that the node has become active, and because of its configured slot value it appears to be present in a slot when the show slot command is run. The relationship of a node and a slot does not change if the SummitStack is rewired. The term module refers to a Summit family switch that may be present in the stack as an active node.

If a slot has not been configured for a particular type of module, then any type of module is accepted in that slot, and a default port and VLAN configuration is automatically generated.

After any port on the module has been configured (for example, a VLAN association, a VLAN tag configuration, or port parameters), all the port information and the module type for that slot must be saved to non-volatile storage. Otherwise, if the modular switch or SummitStack is rebooted or the module is removed from the slot, the port, VLAN, and module configuration information is not saved.



For information on saving the configuration, see Software Upgrade and Boot Options.

You can also preconfigure the slot before inserting the module. This allows you to begin configuring the module and ports before installing the module in the chassis or activating the related node in the SummitStack.

If a slot is configured for one type of module, and a different type of module is inserted, the inserted module is put into a mismatch state and is not brought online.

All configuration information related to the slot and the ports on the module is erased. If a module is present when you issue this command, the module is reset to default settings.

You can configure the number of times that a slot can be restarted on a failure before it is shut down.