IP Fragmentation within a VLAN

ExtremeXOS supports IP fragmentation within a VLAN. This feature does not require you to configure the MTU size.

  1. Enable jumbo frames on the incoming port.
  2. Add the port to a VLAN.
  3. Assign an IP address to the VLAN.
  4. Enable ipforwarding on the VLAN.

If you leave the MTU size configured to the default value, when you enable jumbo frame support on a port on the VLAN you will receive a warning that the ip-mtu size for the VLAN is not set at maximum jumbo frame size. You can ignore this warning if you want IP fragmentation within the VLAN, only. However, if you do not use jumbo frames, IP fragmentation can be used only for traffic that stays within the same VLAN. For traffic that is sent to other VLANs, to use IP fragmentation, all ports in the VLAN must be configured for jumbo frame support.



IP fragmentation within a VLAN does not apply to Summit X440, X450-G2, X460, X460-G2, X480, X670, X670-G2, and X770 series switches (whether or not included in a SummitStack), and BlackDiamond 8000 c-, e-, xl-, and xm-series, and BlackDiamond X8 modules. The platforms that currently support fragmentation do so only for Layer 3 forwarding.