Partitioning High Bandwidth Ports

The 40G ports on BlackDiamond X8 switches, BlackDiamond 8900-40G6X-xm modules, and Summit X670, X670G2, and X770 switches can be partitioned into 4x10G and 1x40G modes. The 100G ports on BlackDiamond X8 switches can be partitioned into 10x10G or 1x100G modes.

To partition the ports, enter the following command:

configure ports [port_list | all] partition [4x10G | 1x40G | 1x100G | 10x10G]

After you make a configuration change, you must do one of the following to apply the change:

  • For BlackDiamond X8 series switches and BlackDiamond 8900-40G6X-xm modules, you can disable and then enable the affected slot, which applies the change without affecting other modules.
  • For BlackDiamond X8 series switches, BlackDiamond 8900-40G6X-xm modules and Summit X670, X670G2, and X770 switches you can reboot the switch.


    Because of the nature of these ports at the physical layer level, the 10G side may show a remote or local linkup. A configuration change is not applied until the affected slot is disabled and enabled or the switch is rebooted.