Downloading a New Image

The ExtremeXOS core image (.xos) file contains the executable code that runs on the switch and is preinstalled at the factory. An ExtremeXOS module image (.xmod) supplements the core image. Note that the version number of the core image and the module must match. As new versions of this image are released, you should upgrade both the software and modular packages running on your system.

On BlackDiamond 8800 series switches with two MSMs installed, you can upgrade the images without taking the switch out of service. Known as a hitless upgrade, this method of downloading and installing a new image minimizes network interruption, reduces the amount of traffic lost, and maintains switch operation. For more information, see Understanding Hitless Upgrade--Modular Switches Only. For information about installing a new firmware image on a BlackDiamond 8800 series switch, see Upgrading the Firmware.

To find and install image files:

  1. Point your browser to and log in with your eSupport account.

    If you do not have an eSupport account, you can request one with the Request Web Login link.



    You can also download release notes from the eSupport site. The ExtremeXOS Release Notes will always have the most current download and install instructions.
  2. Find the ExtremeXOS image and all modules you wish to upgrade. Later you will install all files on the image at the same time.
  3. Save the files to a TFTP server on the network. You can also store them on a compact flash card (installed in the compact flash slot of an MSM) or on a USB 2.0 device for BlackDiamond X chassis and Summit X460, X480, X670, X670G2, X670V, or X770 switches.


    Due to additional functionality and new platforms added in ExtremeXOS 15.6.1, the summitX .xos image is too large to be installed on Summit X480 switches. There is a new .xos image, summitX480-15.6.xx.yy.xos, which is to be used for Summit X480 and stacks that include one or more Summit X480 switches. This image unbundles operational diagnostics to provide an image that can be installed to Summit X480. There is a new xmod, summitX480-15.6.xx.yy-diagnostics.xmod, which can be used to update the operational diagnostics image to X480 and stacks that include X480 switches.
    • Installing the summitX480 image over a previous release will leave the previous installation of the diagnostics image intact as it is stored separately from the main .xos image. This version can continue to be used to run diagnostics. The diagnostics xmod can be downloaded and installed in order to get the latest version. The diagnostics xmod can be installed to the active or standby partition and diagnostics can be used immediately. There is no need to reboot or any other action to complete the installation.
    • If an X480 switch requires rescue recovery, the summitX-15.6.xx.yy xos package can be used and this will install the diagnostics code.
  4. When you have all images downloaded and saved, proceed to Finding the Inactive Partition.