Synchronizing Nodes--Modular Switches and SummitStack Only

Before synchronizing nodes on a modular chassis or nodes on a SummitStack, review the following list to confirm that your platform and both installed MSMs/MMs are running software that supports the synchronize command:

On a dual MSM system or a SummitStack with redundancy, you can take the primary node configurations and images and replicate them on the backup node using the save configuration command.



During a synchronization on a modular chassis, half of the switch fabric is lost. On a SummitStack, the active stack will briefly alternate between a ring and daisy-chain topology. When the primary node finishes replicating its configurations and images to the backup node, the full switch fabric or the stack ring is restored.

In addition to replicating the configuration settings and images, this command also replicates which configuration or image the node should use on subsequent reboots. This command does not replicate the run-time configuration. You must use the save configuration command to store the run-time configuration first.

On a SummitStack, you can synchronize an active node in the stack with the master node using the following command:

synchronize {slot slotid}