Examples on the BlackDiamond 8800 Series Switches

Using the assumptions described below, the following examples perform a hitless upgrade for a core software image on BlackDiamond 8800 series switches:

  • You have received the new software image from Extreme Networks named bd8800-

  • You do not know your selected or booted partitions.

  • You are currently using the primary partition.

  • The image is on a TFTP server named tftphost.

  • You are installing the new image immediately after download.

  • The MSM installed in slot A is the primary.

  • The MSM installed in slot B is the backup.

  • You are running ExtremeXOS 11.4 or later on both MSMs.

Performing a Hitless Upgrade on the Alternate Partition

The following example shows the commands necessary to perform a hitless upgrade on the alternate partition.

In this example, the secondary partition is the inactive partition:

show switch
download image tftphost bd8800- secondary
show switch
reboot msm B
show switch
run msm-failover
show switch

After executing these commands, MSM B will be the master, and the secondary partition will be the active partition for both MSMs. The previously running software will reside on the inactive partition (now, the primary partition).