Managing Licenses on a Stack

The SummitStack feature is not licensed separately. You can use the SummitStack feature with an Edge license.

The rules for licensing are as follows:
  • The effective license level of all master-capable nodes must be the same.
  • If you set a license level for the stack, then each node must be at that license level or higher.
  • If you do not set a license level for the stack, the license level the stack uses is the effective license level of the node that is elected master at startup.


    If the stack is using the Advanced Edge license and you attempt to add a master-capable node that is using an Edge license, the node does not become operational. In response to the show slot {slot {detail} | detail } command, the node displays as Failed with a License Mismatch reason.
  • Master-capable nodes continuously monitor the effective license level of the master node.
  • Nodes with higher license levels than other nodes can be restricted to operate at a lower or effective license level.