Configuring Stacking Port Operation with the VIM4-40G4X Option Card

Configure port partitions, selecting between the native and alternate stack ports. When the VIM4-40G4X option card is installed, you can use the following ports for stacking:
  • The native stacking ports on the VIM4-40G4X option card, which can be configured for an 80 Gbps, 160 Gbps, or 320 Gbps data rate. These ports can also be partitioned to operate as one 40 Gbps data port or four 10 Gbps data ports.
  • The alternate stacking ports, which are listed in Alternate Stacking Ports.

The stacking rate of 320Gbps can be used across a stack of X670 switches (equipped with VIM4-40G4X) or X480 switches (equipped with VIM3-40G4X). This solution uses two trunked 40G ports for 80 Gbps per stack port.

320G Stack port 1 is formed by trunking VIM4 ports S1 and S3. Similarly, 320G stack port 2 is formed by trunking VIM4 ports S2 and S4. VIM4 Connection for 320G Stacking shows VIM4 trunk connection in case of 320G stacking.

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VIM4 Connection for 320G Stacking
After a configuration change, you must restart the switch to use the stacking ports.