Understanding the Shut Down Recovery Mode

You can configure the switch to shut down one or more I/O modules upon fault detection by specifying the shutdown option.

If you configure one or more slots to shut down and the switch detects a fault, all ports in all of the configured shut down slots are taken offline in response to the reported errors. (MSMs/MMs are available for debugging purposes only.)



On the BlackDiamond 8800 and BlackDiamond X8 chassis, you must save the configuration before the “shutdown” configuration takes effect.

The affected I/O module remains in the shutdown state across additional reboots or power cycles until you explicitly clear the shutdown state. If a module enters the shutdown state, the module actually reboots and the show slot command displays the state of the slot as Initialized; however, the ports are shut down and taken offline. For more information about clearing the shutdown state, see Clearing the Shutdown State.