Clearing the Shutdown State

If you configure one or more modules to shut down upon detecting a fault, and the switch enters the shutdown state, you must explicitly clear the shutdown state and reset the affected modules for the switch to become functional.
  1. Clear the shutdown state witht he command:
    clear sys-recovery-level

    The switch prompts you to confirm this action. The following is a sample confirmation message:

    Are you sure you want to clear sys-recovery-level? (y/n)
  2. Enter y to confirm this action and clear the shutdown state. Enter n or press [Enter] to cancel this action.
  3. After using the clear sys-recovery-level command, you must reset each affected module.
  4. If you configured only a few I/O modules to shutdown, reset each affected I/O module as follows:
    1. Disable the slot using the disable slot slot command.
    2. Re-enable the slot using the enable slot slot command.


      You must complete this procedure for each module that enters the shutdown state.
  5. If you configured all I/O modules or one or more MSM/MMs to shutdown, use the reboot command to reboot the switch and reset all affected I/O modules.
After you clear the shutdown state and reset the affected module, each port is brought offline and then back online before the module and the entire system is operational.