Configuring Software Recovery

The default setting and behavior is all. Extreme Networks strongly recommends using the default setting.

You can configure the system to either take no action or to automatically reboot the switch after a software task exception using the following command:
configure sys-recovery-level [all | none]

Where the following is true:

  • all—Configures ExtremeXOS to log an error to the syslog and automatically reboot the system after any software task exception.

On modular switches, this command sets the recovery level only for the MSMs/MMs. The MSM/MM should reboot only if there is a software exception that occurs on the MSM/MM. The MSM/MM should not reboot if a software exception occurs on an I/O module.

  • none—Configures the system to take no action if a software task exception occurs. The system does not reboot, which can cause unexpected switch behavior. On a SummitStack, the sys-recovery-level setting applies to all active nodes.


    Use this parameter only under the guidance of Extreme Networks Technical Support personnel.