Displaying Detailed Module Recovery Information

Display the module recovery setting for a specific port on a module, including the current recovery mode with the command:
show slot {slot {detail} | detail }

In addition to the information displayed with show slot, this command displays the module recovery setting configured on the slot.


The following truncated output displays the module recovery setting (displayed as Recovery Mode) for the specified slot:

Here is an example of show slot using the same slot 2 as the example above:

Slot-2 information:
State:               Operational
Download %:          100
Flags:               MB   E
Restart count:       0 (limit 5)
Serial number:       800264-00-01 0907G-00166
Hw Module Type:      8900-10G24X-c
SW Version:
SW Build:            v1520b26
Configured Type:     8900-10G24X-c
Ports available:     24
Recovery Mode:       Shutdown
Debug Data:          Peer=Operational
Flags : M - Backplane link to Master is Active
B - Backplane link to Backup is also Active
D - Slot Disabled
I - Insufficient Power (refer to "show power budget")
e - Errors on slot will be ignored (no corrective action initiated)
E - Errors on slot will disable all ports on slot