Displaying the System Health Check Setting--All Platforms

Display the system health check setting, including polling and how ExtremeXOS software handles faults on the switch with the command:
show switch

As previously described, polling is always enabled on the switch.

The system health check setting, displayed as SysHealth check, shows the polling setting and how ExtremeXOS handles faults. The polling setting appears as Enabled, and the fault handling setting appears in parenthesis next to the polling setting. For more information about the fault handling setting, see the following sections: Configuring Hardware Recovery--SummitStack and Summit Family Switches Only and Configuring Module Recovery--Modular Switches Only.


In the following truncated output from a BlackDiamond 8810 switch, the system health check setting appears as SysHealth check: Enabled (Normal):

SysName:          TechPubs Lab
SysName:          BD-8810Rack3
SysContact:       support@extremenetworks.com, +1 888 257 3000
System MAC:       00:04:96:1F:A2:60
SysHealth check:  Enabled (Normal)
Recovery Mode:    None
System Watchdog:  Enabled