Power Visualization

Power visualization periodically polls for input power usage. The poll interval is configurable. Whenever the power is increased or decreased by the configured threshold power value, then a specified action is initiated (e.g., a trap, log, or trap-and-log). The configurable parameters are:
  • input power usage poll interval (in seconds)
  • change action (log, trap, or log-and-trap)
  • change threshold (power value in watts)

In the stacking case, the master periodically polls the power usage of all the PSUs in the stack and sends the log or trap or both, depending on the specified change action. Configuration commands are synchronized between Master and backup.

If the change-action is configured as trap or log-and-trap then the power usage trap is sent to the configured SNMP servers.

To configure power visualization, use the following command:

configure power monitor poll-interval [off | seconds] change-action [none | [log | log-and-trap | trap] change-threshold watts]

Note that the default poll interval is 60 seconds, and the default change action is none (input power usage values are only estimates).