MSM Prompt - Modular Switches Only

You do not know which MSM you are connected to:

If you use a console connection to access and configure the switch, you should connect to the console port of the primary MSM, not the backup MSM. To determine which console port you are connected to use the show switch command. The output displays both the primary and backup MSMs, if installed, and an asterisk (*) appears to the right of the MSM you are connected to.

The following truncated sample output indicates that you are connected to MSM-A, the primary MSM:


You have user privileges, not administrator privileges, on the backup MSM:

If you establish a console connection to access the backup MSM, only user privileges are available. This is true regardless of the privileges configured on the primary MSM. If you enter an administrator level command on the backup MSM, the switch displays a message stating that the command is only supported on the primary MSM.