Installing the ExtremeXOS Image

  1. Install the image from the memory drive.
    download image usb filename

    Where the filename specifies the desired image file for the BlackDiamond X series switches.

    Example for BIOS version
    fs2:\> download image usb bdX-
    Example for BIOS version or greater:
    BootRom> download image usb bdX-
  2. When prompted to continue, enter yes to begin the recovery process. This takes a minimum of seven minutes.
    After the process runs, the BootRom prompts you to reboot.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reboot. The switch reboots, and then displays the login prompt. The recovery process from the memory drive is complete.
  4. Remove the USB memory stick installed in the MM.
  5. If applicable, re-insert the secondary MM and synchronize it via the synchronize command from the Master MM's console.