ESRP Groups

ExtremeXOS software supports running multiple instances of ESRP within the same VLAN or broadcast domain. This functionality is called an ESRP group. Although other uses exist, the most typical application for multiple ESRP groups is when two or more sets of ESRP switches are providing fast-failover protection within a subnet.

A maximum of seven distinct ESRP groups can be supported on a single ESRP switch, and a maximum of seven ESRP groups can be defined within the same network broadcast domain. You can configure a maximum of 32 ESRP groups in a network.

For example, two ESRP switches provide Layer 2/Layer 3 connectivity and redundancy for the subnet, while another two ESRP switches provide Layer 2 connectivity and redundancy for a portion of the same subnet. The following figure shows ESRP groups.
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ESRP Groups
An additional use for ESRP groups is ESRP HA, as described ESRP Host Attach.