IXP MPLS Enhancements

ExtremeXOS Release 15.4 adds the following IXP MPLS feature enhancements:
  • EMS logs reflect the operation status changes of LSPs, PWs, and Interfaces.
  • Show command displays details for transit and egress RSVP-TE LSPs.
  • Metaswitch fixpack enhances logging of PATH failures.
  • RSVP-TE description field now displays LSP Name/Path.
  • MPLS commands are added to “show tech-support” functionality.
  • Add support for the Metaswitch dmptrace facility.

EMS Logging of MPLS Protocols, LSPs, PWs, and Interfaces

The following EMS logs allow you to track MPLS protocols, some LSPs, and PW and MPLS I/F operational states. These logs are added at the “Info” level, and are not generated in the default log output (the default level for MPLS is “Warning”).

  • MPLS.ChgStaticIngrLSPState
  • MPLS.ChgStaticTrnstLSPState
  • MPLS.ChgStaticEgrLSPState
  • MPLS.L2VPN.ChgPWState
MPLS Protocol Interfaces
  • MPLS.ChgIfState
  • MPLS.ChgProtoState
  • MPLS.LDP.ChgProtoState
  • MPLS.RSVPTE.ChgProtoState


CES.TDM.PWUp and CES.TDM.PWDown EMS logs already exist.

Enhanced Show Details for Transit and Egress RSVP-TE LSPs

The following fields are added to the show mpls rsvp-te lsp command output on transit and egress nodes:
  • Administrative & Operational Statuses
  • Setup & Hold Priorities

Enhance Usability and Ability to Debug MPLS

  • Apply fixpack to provide better debugging for RSVP-TE Path message handling
  • Use RSVP-TE “Tunnel Description” field in MPLS TE MIB to indicate LSP and Path

    Because primary and secondary RSVP-TE LSPs use the same LSP name, and the idea of Redundant LSPs is an EXOS feature, determining which path is associated with an LSP could only be done through the CLI. To eliminate this problem, the RSVP-TE “Tunnel Description” MIB field (RFC 3812: mplsTunnelDescr) now returns the “LSPName (PathName) on the Ingress node.



    The tunnel description is not signaled as part of RSVP messaging, so this information is not available at transit and egress nodes.
  • Add MPLS (including RSVP-TE) debug information to show tech-support mpls command.
  • Add support for the Metaswitch dmptrace facility