The following limitations apply to BFD in this release:

  • Direct connection (single hop) networks only are supported.

  • BGP, OSPF, MPLS and static routes act as BFD clients.

  • Hitless failover is supported.

  • The echo function is not supported.

  • Hardware assist BFD is supported only on standalone X460-G2 platform.

  • The number of sessions handled by BFD at minimal timers (less than 100ms) varies depending on the platform type, the implementation type (H/w or S/w), and the processing load (which is influenced by other protocols being enabled or other system conditions such as software forwarding).
  • The following scaling limits apply to BFD hardware assist:
    • Maximum 900 sessions if PTP feature not enabled.
    • Maximum 425 sessions with PTP enabled.
    • Maximum of 256 sessions with 3 ms transmit interval.