Secure Socket Layer

Secure Socket Layer (SSLv3) is a feature of ExtremeXOS that allows you to authenticate and encrypt data over an SSL connection to provide secure communication.

The existing web server in ExtremeXOS allows HTTP clients to access the network login page. By using HTTPS on the web server, clients securely access the network login page using an HTTPS enabled web browser. Since SSL encrypts the data exchanged between the server and the client, you protect your data, including network login credentials, from unwanted exposure.

HTTPS access is provided through SSL and the Transport Layer Security (TLS1.0). These protocols enable clients to verify the authenticity of the server to which they are connecting, thereby ensuring that users are not compromised by intruders.

You must upload or generate a certificate for SSL server use. Before you can upload a certificate, you must purchase and obtain an SSL certificate from an Internet security vendor. The following security algorithms are supported:
  • RSA for public key cryptography (generation of certificate and public-private key pair, certificate signing). RSA key size between 1024 and 4096 bits.

  • Symmetric ciphers (for data encryption): RC4 and 3DES.

  • Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms: RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm and SHA.