Enabling SSH2

To enable SSH2, use the following command:
enable ssh2 {access-profile [access_profile | none]} {port tcp_port_number} {vr [vr_name | all | default]}

You can also specify a TCP port number to be used for SSH2 communication. The TCP port number is 22 by default. The switch accepts IPv6 connections.

Before you initiate a session from an SSH2 client, ensure that the client is configured for any non-default access list or TCP port information that you have configured on the switch. After these tasks are accomplished, you may establish an SSH2-encrypted session with the switch. Clients must have a valid user name and password on the switch in order to log in to the switch after the SSH2 session has been established.

Up to eight active SSH2 sessions can run on the switch concurrently. If you enable the idle timer using the enable idletimeout command, the SSH2 connection times out after 20 minutes of inactivityby default. If you disable the idle timer using the disable idletimeout command, the SSH2 connection times out after 60 minutes of inactivity by default. This timeout value can be modified using the configure ssh2 idletimeout minutes command wherein minutes can be from 1 to 240 ”. For more information please refer to the command help for “configure ssh2”.

General technical information is also available at http://www.openssh.com/specs.html.