Starting a Process

  • To start a process, use the following command:
    start process name {msm slot}

    In a SummitStack:

    start process name {slot slot}
    Where the following is true:
    name Specifies the name of the process to start. You can start the following processes:

    bgp, eaps exsshd (available only when you have installed the SSH module), isis, lldp, netLogin, netTools, ospf, snmpMaster, snmpSubagent, telnetd, thttpd, tftpd, vrrp, xmld

    slot On a SummitStack, specifies the node‘s slot number. The number is a value from 1 to 8.
    Error: Process telnetd already exists!


    After you stop a process, do not change the configuration on the switch until you start the process again. A new process loads the configuration that was saved prior to stopping the process. Changes made between a process termination and a process start are lost, and error messages can result when you start the new process.

    As described in the section, Stopping a Process, you can use a single command, rather than multiple commands, to stop and restart a running process.

  • Stop and restart a process during a software upgrade.
    restart process [class cname | name {msm slot}]

    In a SummitStack:

    restart process [class cname | name {slot slot}]
    For more detailed information, see Stopping a Process.