Dismantling a Stack

To dismantle a stack and use the Summit switches in stand-alone mode, do the following:
  1. Determine if the stack is using the SummitStack-V feature by issuing the show stacking stack-ports command.
    Examine the Select column to see whether any nodes are using alternate (non-native) stacking ports.
  2. For every non-master node in the stack that is using alternate stacking ports, log into the node and issue the unconfigure stacking-support command.


    If a node is a member of the active topology, node login can be accomplished from the master node using the telnet slot slot-number command. Otherwise you will need access to the node's console port, or you can log in through a management network.

    Do not reboot any switches. It is not necessary to unconfigure stacking-support on the master node.

  3. When the stacking-support option has been removed from all non-master stack nodes, log into the master node and issue the unconfigure switch all command.
    After this command is entered, the configuration file is deselected, all stacking parameters are reset to factory defaults, and all nodes in the active topology reboot. In effect, this sets all nodes back to the factory default configuration, thus allowing each switch to be redeployed individually.