TFTP Block-size Configuration

ExtremeXOS supports the TFTP client block-size option configuration based on RFC 2348, which can range from 8 octets to 65000 octets. The block-size refers to data octets and does not include TFTP header. This feature added the user configuration option for data bock-size:
  • in the generic commands that are used for downloading/uploading image/configuration/log/core file etc.
  • ranging from 24 bytes to 65000 bytes, taking into consideration the local/remote file name size and the current busy box TFTP client support limits.
  • to support larger TFTP data packets exceeding normal MTU especially on a front-panel port in case of in-band management, enable jumbo frames on that port. Please refer "Jumbo Frames" for the usage and its functional restrictions that affect TFTP data packet transfers.
If you do not specify block-size, the default is 1400 bytes.